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Selected Credits

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"Message From Space" soundtrack, Foolish Earthling Production 2011
"Serengeti Sunrise" soundtrack, Somerset entertainment, 2010
"Lost" soundtrack, Triton Films Inc, 2010
"Three Shades of Black" soundtrack, BBNS Productions Inc, 2009
"Beyond" soundtrack, Triton Films Inc, 2009
"Visions Of Italy" Somerset Ent. 2009
"Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything: A Veggie Tales Movie" 2008
"Prototype" soundtrack Sienna Entertainment Inc, 2008
"Blueprint" soundtrack Blueprint Productions Inc, 2008
"End of the Line" soundtrack, Estella Productions Inc, 2007
“Revelations. Where is Noah’s Arc”,2006
“Secrets of Egyptian Pyramids” Discovery Productions, 2006
"Canada Underground" soundtrack, Estella Productions Inc. Canada, 2005
“Sex, Toys & Chocolate” Life Network, 2005-2006
“Kraft Specials” Food Network,2004-2005
“House and Home” HGTV 2004
"Mirror" Brocken Mirror productions, 2003
"Sleeping Tigers" (Asahi Baseball Story) NFB 2003
"Tornado Warning", 2002“Lost Battalion”2001
"Joan of Arc" CBS mini series,1999
"Last Dance", 1998
"Without Witnesses",1998


“The Perfect Gift” Canadian Tenors, Universal, 2009
“La Carissma” Sarena Paton, Independent/Factor Canada, 2009
“These Are The Moments” Rankin Family, Longview Music/Universal Canada, 2009
“Wish Upon a Star" Yuri Sazonoff/George Carlaw, Reflections/Universal, USA 2009
“The Canadian Tenors” Canadian Tenors, Universal, 2008
"Great Classics for Reading", 3 CD set Various Classics, Universal USA, 2008
“Forever And A Day" Yuri Sazonoff/George Carlaw, Reflections/Universal, USA 2008
“The Best Of Rachmaninoff” MSSO, Russian Disc, Russia 2008
“Classical Italy" Opera Favourites Reflections/Universal, USA, 2008
“The Best Of Opera” MSSO, Russian Disc, Russia 2007“
Epic Movie Music” Various, Avalon USA 2007
“The Best Of J.S. Bach” MSSO, Russian Disc, Russia 2007
“The Best Of Mozart” MSSO, Russian Disc, Russia 2006
“Provence: A Romantic Journey”, Roberto Occhipinti/Yuri Sazonoff Avalon USA 2006
“Moonlight Sonata", Solitudes, USA, 2006
“The Best Of Brahms” MSSO, Russian Disc, Russia 2006
“Christmas Glory” April Mackenzie, Avalon USA 2006
"Christmas Serenity" Reflections/Universal, 2005(Juno nomination in 2006)
“Blue Danube” MSSO, Russian Disc, Russia 2005
“The Best Of Haydn” MSSO, Russian Disc, Russia 2005
“Elegance of Classical Guitar”, Avalon USA 2005
“The Best Of Beethoven” MSSO, Russian Disc, Russia 2004
“Tuscany: A Romantic Journey” Avalon USA 2004
“The Best Of Paganini” MSSO, Russian Disc, Russia 2004
"Stressless" Reflections/Universal, 2003 (Juno nomination in 2004)
“The Best Of Vivaldi” MSSO, Russian Disc, Russia 2003
“Christmas Extravaganza", Reflections/Universal, 2003
“Santa’s Symphony”, Avalon USA 2003
“The Best Of Handel” MSSO, Russian Disc, Russia 2002
“Peaceful Classics", Solitudes, USA, 2002
“The Elegance of Andrew Lloyd Webber", Somerset Entertainment Canada, 2002
“Movie Romance”, Yuri Sazonoff, Avalon USA, 2002

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